Automobile & IC Engine Design

The workshop will help you understand and design an IC engine to create you own mean machine

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Rs 1200 + VAT


The crazy for Automobiles is evolutionary. From a basic wooden spherical to modern day driverless cars, automobiles and its mechanism has seen a drastic change

The workshop is bound to rekindle your love for machines by helping you understand the basic modelling and workings of the IC engines and using the same knowledge, developing an IC engine or your own


Duration:16 hours (Will be covered in 2 days, 8 hours daily)

Timings:10am to 5pm

Workshop Curriculum (Detailed Module)

Chassis Design

Suspension unit

steering System

Transmission System

Braking Unit

Fuel System

IC Engine

Live Demo

Objectives of the Course

This course would equip students to learn and understand the basic workings of an IC engine and learing to develop a customized engine of their own at the end of the workshop.

Material and Support

Automobile & IC Engine Design Workshop Toolkit: Software Tool Kit for each student (4 Disks) and Training Material (E-book) for each students

Costant touch with the trainer even after the workshop via www.kyrionhackingtutorials.com or Private mails.

After the Workshop:

  • Assurance of changing your point of view towards Automobiles and IC Engines
  • Will develop an automobile Maniac inside you
  • At least 95% Security as a normal user in your digital life



  • Zest to learn new things
  • Passion to gain knowledge in their area of interest
  • Basic knowledge of How to use Computer & the Internet


Authorized Certificate after the completion of the Workshop

1200 +VAT
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