Embedded System

WFrom learning the basics of robotics , circuits to motors, soldering and how to building a circuit on breadboard, the course would eventually help you learn how to build a wireless robot

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Embedded system is the core of every intelligent device. Everything around you from a simple watch to the space ship is using embedded systems. Your mobile phones, PDAs, Washing Machines, Microwave Ovens, Automobile and all the automated electronics gadgets are having one or another form of embedded systems responsible for their intelligent functioning.

Electronic devices are rapidly finding applications in many of the areas, from simple coffee vending machines to space science to environmental friendly products such as big belly etc.

Indian embedded market worth $5.9 billion dollars, and expects 30 % growth by 2015. This will certainly increase the demand of professionals in the field of embedded systems. Main aim of this Training module is to make the students skill full and efficient for all the hardware and software related concepts for 8051 Microcontrollers.


Duration:16 hours (Will be covered in 2 days, 8 hours daily)

Timings:10am to 5pm

Workshop Curriculum (Detailed Module)

Introduction to Robotics

Introduction to Embedded Systems

Parts of Robots

Chips & Actuators

Microcontrollers & IC

Motors & Its Types

LCD & Its Types

IR Sensor

Developing Autonomous Robot

Line Follower Robot

Color Detector

Range Detector

Objectives of the Course

The workshop is aimed at providing students with the basic knowledge of embedded systems and understanding its workings

The workshop will help students to create a robot based on the basic mechansisms and understanding of embedded systems

Material and Support

Embedded Workshop Toolkit: Software Tool Kit for each student (4 Disks) and Training Material (E-book) for each students

Costant touch with the trainer even after the workshop via www.kyrionhackingtutorials.com or Private mails.

After the Workshop:

  • Assurance of changing your point of view towards Embedded System
  • Creating a basic robot



  • Zest to learn new things
  • Passion to gain knowledge in their area of interest
  • Basic knowledge of How to use Computer & the Internet


Authorized Certificate after the completion of the Workshop

1200 +VAT
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